We support European Tech companies to get started build their presence an to grow their business in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is a very diverse and include the most dynamic and fastest growing economies in the world. 

Don't miss out on these markets, we help you to get traction and grow your business in the region.

Business Development for market entry

Did you ever think about expanding your business and serve customers in new and fast growing markets, but you have always been short on resources?

Get traction in new markets

Go to market:

We decide together with the client which sales strategy to adopt, which markets and verticals we will focus on and then we go out and build the business of our customer in the region.

Building relationships and figuring out which partners need to be on board are essential steps at this stage and this is something we are particularly well positioned for, having local presence and a deep understanding for the markets in the region. We basically operate as an extension of our clients' organization and we are able to hit the ground running with an established presence and network in the region which can be leveraged from day one.

We can manage our client presence in the region


  • Representing our client acting as their local office
  • Representing our client by developing localized marketing initiatives/collaterals (incl. translations)
  • Representing our client on the market at industry events, exhibitions, etc.
  • Representing our client through building, expanding and managing offline sales channels, partners management, etc.


  • Representing our client online presence through localized web presence
  • Managing social channels, offering local online customer support, etc.
Once the business is off to a good start in the region we support our clients to build a sustainable and profitable organization with setting up a local entity
  • Setting up regional sales offices
  • Hiring local staff
  • Generating publicity in the region
  • Finding local investors

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